Free printable planners

Today I got these awesome free printables for you, so you can start working on a better you. This set contains a free printable self-care list, monthly goal list, and daily planner.

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Free printable self-care list

This printable is great if you don’t have a self-care list yet. You fill in what makes you happy and the things you can do to relax. Whenever you feel stressed, you grab this list as a reminder. There is also a box for your affirmation and a box for whatever inspires you. Of course, there is an epic quote at the bottom of the page!

Self-care list download

Free printable monthly goal planner

This monthly goal planner is all you need to crush your goals. You can set a goal for the month and a few smaller goals. Plan out the steps you need to take to reach your goals, and at the bottom, you can review week by week how it went.

Monthly goal planner download

Free printable daily planner

With this daily planner, you can efficiently plan your day. Color the box if you finished your task and be proud how much you accomplished at the end of the day. You can write six things down that especially made you proud, and at the bottom is room for your notes.

Daily planner download

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