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27 fun Halloween ideas for families + free printables

Halloween ideas for families pumkin carving, fall leaves collecting and more with free printables for kids

Halloween is almost here, and what’s better than a fun night with the family? Halloween is a great opportunity to spend time with your kids and make memories.

I made a list of 27 fun Halloween ideas for the entire family and added a few free printables as a bonus. All ideas can be tweaked to make Halloween great for everyone, from toddlers to teens to college students and of course, adults.

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Fun Halloween activities for the entire family

1. Movie night with spooky snacks

What’s more fun than binge-watching scary movies with the entire family? A few movies that I recommend;

For the entire family
Corpse Bride
Hotel Transylvania

16 + spooky movies
Bird Box
The Hills Have Eyes
The Amityville Horror 
The Babadook

You will also need some spooky snacks;
Ghost pizza bagels
Candy corn fudge
Banana mummy pops
Hotdog fingers
Pumpkin deviled eggs

2. Mocktail night with creepy drinks

Let kids feel like they are grown-ups for one night with creepy mocktail drinks, and for the adults, you can always add some alcohol.

Hocus Pocus Halloween Punch
Magic Potion Punch
Gummy Bear Mocktails
Melting Monster Halloween punch

3. Make Halloween masks

Design your own masks or grab a free printable mask here.

4. Make your own custome

Whether you are handy or not, you can make your own custome. Use some old clothes and give them a Halloween vibe or wrap yourself in bandages to be a mummy.

If you want to put some more effort into your Halloween custome, you can find some great ideas here.

5. Get your house Halloween ready

Turn your home into a haunted house or decorate it with pumpkins and give it a fall vibe.

6. Scavenger hunt

I have some great memories of scavenger hunts, and I’m sure your children will too. Try this scavenger hunt you can do in your home. Print and cut the cards, hide the treats, and go on a hunt!

27 fun halloween ideas for families + free printables | Halloween scavenger hunt for toddlers, kids, tweens and adults. Halloween game fun. Halloween activities. Free printable scavenger hunt cards fun for the entire family.

7. Make Halloween themed cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies? Another fun activity you can’t miss is baking cookies. Some tasty ideas;

Monster Cookies
Chocolate Pumpkin Mummy Cookies
Sugar Bat Sugar Cookies

8. Visit a pumpkin patch

You should visit a pumpkin patch at least once in your life. Google pumpkin patch + your location and find one in your area.

9. Carve a pumpkin

Whether you want to carve a pumpkin for fun or use as decoration, there are so many creative ways to carve a pumpkin.

If you have never carved a pumpkin before, you can learn how.

10. Host a murder mystery dinner

Have you ever played Cluedo? It’s a murder mystery board game. A murder mystery dinner brings Cluedo to life at the dinner table.

You can buy a murder mystery kit, make your own or find free games here.

11. Make a paper lantern

Do you plan on trick-or-treating? You can easily make your own lantern.

12. Play Spooky games

Does your family love games? Halloween is a great excuse to play new games.

This or That Halloween game
Halloween Truth or Scare
Halloween Movie Trivia

This or that halloween game. 27 fun Halloween ideas for families. Free printable Halloween game for toddlers, teens and adults.

13. Bobbing for apples

Another fun Halloween activity is apple bobbing. You fill a bucket with water, throw in some apples and try to catch them with your teeth while you have your hands on your back.

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14. Visit a haunted house

A must try Halloween activity, visiting a haunted house will guarantee a spooky night. Google haunted house + your location and find a place in your area.

15. Go on a hayride

In the fall, you can book hayrides, and during Halloween, they are extra spooky. Guaranteed fun for the entire family.

16. Have a nighttime picnic

Picnics are a great family activity, but have you ever done one in the dark?

17. Camp under the stars

After you’ve enjoyed your picnic, set up a tent in the garden and have a sleepover under the stars.

Make a campfire and roast some s’mores to make the sleepover an unforgettable experience.

18. Have a Halloween custome contest

Throw a Halloween custome contest with friends, family or the neighborhood. Include fun Halloween snacks and the winner gets a creepy prize.

19. Go on a Halloween cruise

A Halloween cruise is something you should experience at least once in your life. The ship is decorated in a Halloween theme, and there are plenty of fun Halloween activities for the entire family.

here is what you can expect on a Halloween cruise.

20. Dress up and have a photoshoot

While you’re making memories, you’ll also want a keepsake. Having a family Halloween photoshoot is a fun way to keep the memories alive for many years to come.

21. Make Halloween party favors

It’s not only fun to make party favors but people will remember it.

Some fun party favor ideas

Bat Crunch
Fringed Treat Bags

If you don’t have a creative bone in your body you can also buy them for a small price.

22. Make your own Halloween decoration

Another fun creative activity around the Halloween season is making your own decoration. Here is some inspiration;

Halloween Spooky Lantern Sign Post
Bat Center Piece

23. Smash a pumpkin

When Halloween is over, you’re left with pumpkins that you throw out anyway, so why not smash them? Let go of those cropped up emotions or make it a fun family game.

24. Visit a theme park

Many theme parks hold fright nights or decorate their park Halloween style. It’s a fun way to spend Halloween with the entire family.

25. Visit an escape room

If you’ve never tried an escape room before, you should try it during Halloween. Some escape rooms become extra spooky during this season.

26. Go trick-or-treating

Trick-or-treating is a must-do for families with small children. Dressing up, going out on the streets asking for candy. It’s a memory that will not be forgotten.

27. Tell spooky tales

Spooky tales are a fun thing to do and don’t cost anything. Make some hot chocolate, dim the lights, and share those spooky stories.

Free printable Halloween bucket list

Free printable Halloween bucket list | 27 fun Halloween ideas for families. Activitis for toddlers, teens, college students and adults. Hayride, pumpkin carving, Halloween treats DIY, Halloween decoration and more.

Download the free printable bucket list here.

What things are you going to try this Halloween? Let me know in the comments!



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