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Empowering quotes to start your week

motivational quotes to get the life you want

Get inspired with these empowering quotes

Unfortunately, the weekend is over, but I’m here with these empowering quotes, and beautiful pictures so you can start your week with some kick-ass motivation.

Empowering quote 1

Motivational quote monday motivation, wisdom quotes be your own kind of beautiful miss mental

Don’t worry what others think about you. Be a good person, let your light shine. We are all beautiful in our own way, and that’s what makes us unique. It’s not important to keep up with society’s standard. It’s essential that you feel good about yourself and that starts with a healthy mind and body. So instead of worrying about your looks, focus on growing your mind and taking care of your body, and you will feel beautiful.

Empowering quote 2

empowering quote 2 - motivational quote - miss mental

If you think you can’t do something. The chances are that you won’t try it. That’s a shame; you could miss out on great opportunities. Instead, try to switch your mentality from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I will.’ Nothing is lost if you try and don’t succeed, but you won’t gain anything by not trying. Our own thoughts are so strong. They can work against us, but also for us. If you are often bothered by negative thoughts, my article on emotion regulation might help you.

Empowering quote 3

motivational quote - empowering quote - miss mental

Don’t waste your precious time on people who aren’t worth it and don’t care for you. You are worthy of friends and family that want to be there for you, that love you. Don’t settle for less. Don’t let people get in your head and manipulate you. If it doesn’t feel right, it’s probably not right. Listen to your gut and trust yourself.

Empowering quote 4

motivational quote - empowering quote - miss mental - red rose

At every given moment you can decide to change unwanted behavior, to learn something new or to get rid of negativity in your life. Don’t think that you are too old or that you can’t do it. Don’t feel like you should have started years ago. You can still do it, so do it! Start today cause every moment is a fresh beginning.

Empowering quote 5

Empowering quote - motivational quote - miss mental - purple

You are unique and beautiful in your own way. Life would be boring if we are all the same. Don’t ever feel that you are not enough, you are enough and so much more. Celebrate it and don’t ever doubt yourself.

Empowering quote 6

empowering quote - motivational quote - miss mental - city

Life can be tough, but so are you. The bad times won’t last, and you will come out stronger. Sometimes you feel overwhelmed, and you wonder how you are going to make it, but you just do. Have some faith in yourself and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Empowering quote 7

motivational quotes - empowering quotes - miss mental - leafs

Living in the present can be difficult. We often think back about things that hurt us. Whenever you feel that you keep hanging in the past. Gently remind yourself that the future is forward. Keep growing, learn from the past but let it be the past.

Enjoy these empowering quotes and feel free to save any you like. I hope you have a great week and feel welcome to share your own empowering quotes!



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  • Jeanelle

    This is awesome . this is lime something I can say to myself every morning.

    • Dimph

      Glad you like it ?

  • Amber Myers

    I love all of these quotes! My favorite is the first one. I tell my daughter this often.

    • Dimph

      Thanks for reading!

  • Joan Cajic

    These made me smile and just feel all warm inside, really make one feel empowered thank you for this.

    • Dimph

      Thank you for reading!

  • Anonymous

    Oh I love that third quote, how true – we should not let negative people occupy our thoughts so much! I am writing it down for Monday Mantras I post for work!

    • Dimph

      It’s great to remember that one! I’m sure we’ve all been there before, hope it helps ! X

  • Suzanne

    Such inspiring quotes! Thanks for this.

  • Annreeba

    Wow.. I love all these quotes! These are really inspiring. I love quote 3. We don’t need to bother about people who are not life long with you. That’s a nice one.

    • Dimph

      Thanks for reading!

  • Hannah Marie

    These are really great quotes. I like the 2nd one most, it is important that we have positive outlook and always believe that we can do anything.

    • Dimph

      thanks for reading!

  • Alison Rost

    Beautiful quotes to start the week with. I definitely make it a point to read quotes especially when I’m feeling a little down. These are so motivating!

    • Dimph

      Yes they do help to keep us motivated! Thanks for reading

  • Sela

    These are all great quotes and I like them a lot. My fave is “Don’t let anyone rent a space in your head unless they are a good tenant.”

    • Dimph

      thanks for reading, glad you like them!

  • Aashima

    Beautiful quotes! I couldn’t agree more with second. More than anything else it is our own negativity that holds us back!

  • All of these quotes are really great. But for some reason right now, the be your own type of beautiful quote just really hits me right now. We all have to find the beauty in ourselves.

    • Dimph

      that’s so true! thanks for reading

  • LavandaMichelle

    Thee are some awesome quotes. Very wise people. I like the way you gave your own little interpretation. Thanks for sharing!

    • Dimph

      anytime! Thanks for reading

  • Ada

    Oh I love these quotes! Totally needed to read these today.

    • Dimph


  • These are all wonderful quotes. I like quote number 1, it is very true. I believe that each of us are unique we have our own thoughts and beauty. Life isn’t that perfect but we still have a good side to make it better.

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