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50 Positive affirmations with helpful free affirmation cards

50 affirmations with free printable affirmation cards for self-esteem and personal development

Positive affirmations are a great way to boost your mood and confidence. When your mind is spiraling with negative thoughts, you can use positive affirmation cards to gain back control.

What are positive affirmations?

Positive affirmations are statements that can help you challenge negative thoughts and help you live a positive life. If you repeat affirmations often enough, you’re more likely to start believing them, so it’s important to repeat them daily. One way to do this is by having a list of daily affirmations that you’ll repeat in the morning or before bed.

The free affirmation cards are a great tool for daily affirmations; you can find them at the bottom of this article.

Positive affirmations to brighten your day

‘I love and accept myself.’

‘There is power within me.’

‘I allow myself to be unique.’

‘I am beautiful inside and out.’

‘I deserve to take up space.’

‘I can handle anything life throws at me.’

‘Peace begins in me.’

‘I appreciate everything I have.’

‘I believe in myself.’

‘Today is going to be a great day.’

Today is going to be a great day positive affirmation. free printable affirmation cards. Positive quotes

‘I can reach my goals.’

‘My possibilities are endless.’

‘I am brave, strong and powerful.’

‘I am worthy.’

‘I deserve kindness.’

‘I am proud of myself.’

‘I have many talents.’

‘I am free of worry and regret.’

‘I am lovable.’

‘I have the power to create change.’

I have the power to change positive affirmation with free affirmation cards to challege negative thoughts. Positive mental health improvement

‘I have control over my thoughts and actions.’

‘I accept myself as I am.’

‘I’m excited about today.’

‘I am safe.’

‘I can create the life I want.’

‘I focus on what I can control, and let go of what I can’t.’

‘I am grateful for my body.’

‘I am a warrior.’

‘I am filled with love and compassion.’

I am filled with love and compassion positive quote affirmation. Free printable affirmation cards. Feminine quote for women.

‘I am loved and cherished.’

‘I allow my emotions to be here.’

‘I’m able to grow.’

‘I have faith that everything will work out.’

‘I am prepared for and welcome new challenges.’

‘I am enough.’

‘I am optimistic about my life.’

‘I respect myself.’

‘I am right where I am supposed to be.’

‘My growth is a continuous process.’

‘I am resilient.’

‘I am stronger than my strongest excuse.’

I am stronger than my strongest excuse positive affirmation. Quotes for women and teens.

‘I am capable.’

‘I deserve healing.’

‘There is no failure, only lessons.’

‘I’m allowed to rest.’

‘Today is my day.’

‘I’m able to turn anger into something productive.’

‘I radiate confidence and positivity.’

‘I add something special to this world.’

‘I breathe in confidence and exhale fear.’

I breathe in confidence and I exhale fear positive affirmations. personal development quote for women

How to write your own affirmations

  1. Make the affirmation personal for you, start with ‘I’ Or ‘I am’ or something similar.
  2. Use positive words, avoid negative words.
  3. Make the affirmation realistic, even if you don’t believe it yet, make sure it’s a reachable thing to believe about yourself. Affirmations like ‘Today I will receive 50.000 dollars’ are not realistic, unless you’re lucky enough to win the lottery 😉
  4. Write them down in a notebook or on affirmation cards for easy access.

Affirmations for anxiety.

Free positive affirmation cards

Download your free printable affirmation cards here or make your own affirmation cards here.

The daily affirmation cards are a great way to challenge negative thoughts or practice positive thinking in the morning or before bed. If you use the affirmation cards daily, you should see improvement in ~60 days.

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A simple trick to improve positive thinking

Lastly, I want to share this trick with you to improve positive thinking.

There’s research out at UC Davis, showing that writing for a few minutes each day about things that you’re grateful for can boost your well-being and happiness, and even your health. Rehearsing good news and sharing it with others helps too.

So, even if you have a bad day, writing down positive things and repeating them will improve your mental and physical health. It will take you 5-10 minutes a day to repeat positive affirmations or write down what you’re grateful for, but the effect it has on your well-being is tremendous.

To help you with this you can download my free self-care workbook here.

Watch this inspiring TEDx talk by Alison Ledgerwood, where she explains why we tend to get stuck into negativity and how we can pull ourselves out.

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Do you use positive affirmations? what’s your experience with them?




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