Why do you need a bullet journal self-care page?

During stressful times we often forget that we need to relax and wind down. Having a self-care page is an easy tool to remember what things you can do to relax and take care of yourself. Instead of having to think about what relaxes you when you are already stressed. You open your bullet journal and there it is! A whole list of things that relaxes you and makes you happy.

What kind of things can you write in a bullet journal self-care page?

You can write down anything you like to do that relaxes you or makes you happy. Going to a party, taking a nice hot bath, going biking through the woods.. the possibilities are endless. You can make it pretty with drawings or scrap material, or you can leave it plain. If you don’t own a bullet journal, you can also make a list in your planner or somewhere else, as long as you have easy access to it. Read my tips on living with a mental illness. It has some great tips for self-care.

My bullet journal self-care page

Bullet journal self-care page miss mental

My bullet journal self-care page is filled with things that relax and ground me. I’m dealing with severe anxiety, and during a panic attack, I often forget what I can do to calm down. So whenever I feel anxiety coming up, I open my bullet journal and pick one thing from my self-care page. I mostly end up in a lavender bath, that calms me the most. But any of these things work for me. I also added some color because that makes me happy. If you aren’t so crafty or you don’t have much time to make your own self-care page, you can get one for free if you sign up for my email list here.

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tools I used for my bullet journal self-care page

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I bought the Tombow dual brush pastel new last week, and I’m already in love with them, very bright pastel colors that can blend. And the best thing, they don’t see through the paper! Love them.

Check out my tips for mental illness and stress for more information on how you can take care of yourself.

bullet journal self care page ideas miss mental Self-care ideas

Are you going to make a bullet journal self-care page? Or do you have one already?