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about kim - host of miss mentalHello, and welcome to Miss My name is Kim; I’m 29 years young from the Netherlands.
I’m very passionate about mental health, mindset, and wellbeing.

I grew up in a dysfunctional family which left me with personality issues, inadequate coping skills, depression, and anxiety. Many years of therapy and soul-searching later I’ve finally healed my wounds, and I feel stronger than ever. Now I’m sharing my journey with you!

When I’m not working on my blog, I’m studying psychology, working as a graphic designer, or spending time with my family, friends, and partner.

I’m In love with animals, watching Netflix¬†shows and absorbing as much information about the world as I can.

Hope you will follow me as I go on this journey of self-acceptance and growing into a ‘healthy adult.’
You can follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook or sign-up for my newsletter.

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I made Miss Mental to raise awareness about mental illness and share with you everything I’ve learned on this long journey to recovery. On Miss Mental you can read about mental health, mindset, well-being, and self-growth. Miss Mental keeps it real, vulnerable, and honest.

Because nobody’s life should be only about Mental Illness (or any other illness) I also write about Lifestyle topics and Bullet journaling/planning. I love making beautiful things and sharing them with you! Feel free to contact me with ‘freebie’ ideas or anything else you want me to write about!

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