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20 minimalist bullet journal weekly spreads that will inspire you

20 minimalist bullet journal lay outs to try out

Bullet journaling is a great way to organize your life and release stress. A bullet journal gives you the freedom to create the layout you need. You can make a minimalistic bullet journal layout or go all out with colors, drawings, and stickers.

There are so many creative artists that use a bullet journal, and they share their bullet journal layouts to inspire others. I collected 20 beautiful minimalist bullet journal weekly spreads for you to get inspired.

Minimalist bullet journal weekly spreads

Minimalist bullet journal weekly spread with daisy flowers.

A beautiful minimalistic bullet journal spread with daisies by

Bullet journal minimalist weekly spread with stars

This simple bullet journal spread is made by This star layout can easily be recreated in your own bullet journal.

bullet journal minimalist weekly spread flowers

This gorgeous weekly flower spread is made by supermassiveblackink. If you’re a fan of minimalistic bullet journal layout ideas, you’ll need to check out her Instagram.

minimalistic bullet journal black/ white spread

This original black and white October bujo spread is made by didi.journals.

flowery weekly bujo spread minimalistic

This simple but classic bullet journal spread is made by livs_bullet_journal. Her Instagram is filled with similar floral bujo layouts that will inspire you.

Inspiration: Make your own bullet journal self-care page

minimalist bullet journal spread black white floral weekly inspiration

Minimalistic.journal shares stunning minimal bullet journal layouts on Instagram.

20 minimalist bullet journal weekly spreads that will inspire you | minimalistic tree bujo spread weekly

hayleyremdeart shares some of the most original bullet journal layouts. She makes beautiful minimalist bujo spreads, but she also works with watercolors.

bujo flower spread minimalistic

This stunning floral spread is made by thebujobuzz, she makes beautiful watercolor art and bujo layouts.

minimalistic water color spread

This minimalistic bullet journal weekly spread is made by _coffeeandsarcasm_, her work can be described as semi – minimalistic with watercolor elements.

Bullet journal weekly fall spread

This simple fall weekly spread is made by kirbycat.bujo, her Instagram is inspiring for all kinds of bujo addicts.

Inspiration: Bullet journal supplies you must- try.

minimalist bullet journal cloud spread

A beautiful minimalist weekly spread by, her work is a great inspiration for bullet journal beginners.

Minimalistic flower journal with watercolors weekly spread

This beautiful minimalistic weekly spread is made by bujotrulla.

Minimalistic weekly spread with flowers

Bonjournal_ teaches you how to make minimalistic flower doodles for your bullet journal.

minimalist bullet journal weekly spread with flower elements

This weekly bullet journal spread is made by _intosimple.

minimalist weekly spread with pink tones

This gorgeous bullet journal page is made by planwithady, her account is filled with bullet journal inspiration for both beginners and true bullet journal addicts.

Inspiration: bullet journal ocean theme

simple black and white minimalist bullet journal spread flowers

Shaydacampbell shares beautiful minimalistic work on her Instagram, her feed is a true inspiration if you love watercolors and floral elements.

minimalist weekly spread blush and peach floral

This weekly bujo spread is made by soosanmoo, it’s simple but the flowers give the page something special.

semi minimalistic bujo spread clouds

This bujo page is made by bulletsandconfetti, her style can be described as semi minimalistic.

semi minimalist bullet journal weekly spread mandala style

This weekly spread is made by rachelbujo, she’s a self-taught artist and calligrapher.

minimalist weekly spread dots bujo

This weekly bullet journal spread is made by amizaomar, it’s a great minimalistic spread to try-out if you are a bujo beginner.

What bullet journal spread will you try out? Let me know in the comments!

*Pictures belong to original owners tagged under the photos. Please credit original owners if you share their work!*




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