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50 inspiring mood tracker ideas for your bullet journal

mood tracker inspiration potions spread bullet journal by awa_studies

Are you a bujo lover? You should see these 50 inspiring mood trackers. If you aren’t already making a mood tracker I’m sure these spreads will inspire you to make one.

Why should I use a mood tracker?

A mood tracker helps you keep track of your mood, but you can track anything you want; Happy, sad, tired, unstable, productive, etc. Anything you feel really, it’s your mood tracker so design it any way you want.

Tracking your mood helps you see how much and when you feel a certain way, if you look back at the end of the month you’ll be able to see patterns. This way you’ll be able to find out if a certain mood is triggered by something. Your mood can be affected by hormones, food, relationships, work, etc. If you know what triggers you, you’ll be able to change it or
at least be aware of it.

Let’s look at some mood tracker ideas!

Most inspiring bullet journal designs

Mood trackers ideas colorful planets galaxy. Bujo inspiration

This colorful planet mood tracker + habits spread comes from Lalipop.lettering.

Mood trackers bujo pink pearl

kc.bujo bullet journal spreads are highly original and a pleasure to look at.

Mood tracker ideas gingerbread winter style
©kc.bujo on Instagram
Bullet journal spread mood trackers japan style
©kc.bujo on Instagram
watercolor mood trackers ideas floral theme bujo lovers

This beautiful watercolor tracker was made by dutch_dots.

watercolor anchor mood tracker. bullet journal sea theme made by dutch_dots on Instagram
©Dutch_dots on Instagram
beautiful pink floral mood tracker made by dutch_dots on instagram. Mood tracker spread for bullet journal
©Dutch_dots on Instagram
minimal mood tracker journal idea
minimal mood tracker by ©Dutch_dots
seahorse mood tracker. Ocean theme bullet journal idea | ©metro_boulet_bujo

This creative mood spread was made by metro_boulot_bujo

Mood tracker idea test tubes with flowers bullet journal spread
©metro_boulot_bujo on Instagram

I wanted to include this beautiful stress tracker by ©Metro_boulot_bujo on Instagram.

This colorful idea comes from Toastyjournals.

Mood trackers ideas Deer with flowers bullet journal spread inspiration

This beautiful design was made by awa_studies.

minimalist flower mood tracker by awa_studies
©Design by awa_studies
mood tracker inspiration potions spread bullet journal by awa_studies
©Design by awa_studies
Mood tracker starbucks design. Original bullet journal ideas. Bujo idea for coffee lovers

This mood tracker journal idea is great for all Starbucks lovers and was made by Temi.journals.

Bullet journal coffee spread mood tracker made by Zaraanettejournals

Another coffee spread perfect for coffee lovers. Made by Zaraanettejournals

Rainbow mood tracker bullet journal made by littleolivebujo on insta

This rainbow spread is perfect for bujo beginners. Made by Littleolivebujo.

eastern mood tracker idea bullet journal inspiration
Design by ©Littleolivebujo
Beautiful mood tracker page idea canoes and boats by magicalbujo on insta

Beautiful bujo design from Magicalbujo.

bullet journal mood tracker idea vending machine by purplepotatou on insta

Purplepotatou has beautiful bujo designs on her Instagram.

minimalist bullet design mood tracker daisies
Made by ©purplepatatou
mood tracker idea galaxy watercolor design made by theletteredcreative on insta

This daily mood tracker idea comes from theletteredcreative.

minimalistic mood tracker design made by theletteredcreative on instagram
Minimalistic design by ©theletteredcreative on Instagram
among us bullet journal spread idea mood tracker made by ©theletteredcreative on insta
among us spread by ©theletteredcreative on Instagram
tropical leaves bullet journal idea mood spread made by thuys.bujo

Beautiful tropical leaves design made by thuys.bujo.

minimalist mood tracker design made by thuys.bujo on insta
Minimalistic design by ©thuys.bujo
bullet journal spread falling star mood tracker made by thuys.bujo on instagram
design by ©thuys.bujo

Minimalistic bullet journal designs

butterfly mood tracker bullet journal idea made by paperythoughts on insta

Butterfly spread from Paperythoughts.

tea cups and pots bullet journal mood tracker design made by paperythoughts on instagram
Made by ©paperythoughts
minimal mood tracker design flowers made by paperythoughts
Made by ©paperythoughts
mood tracker floral and leaves design by teanbujo on insta

Bullet journal inspiration by teanbujo.

bullet journal mood tracker FOX spread
design by ©teanbujo
Minimal mood tracker earthy tones with floral line elements
design by ©teanbujo
strawberry mood tracker bullet journal idea by teanbujo
design by ©teanbujo
piglet and pooh bullet journal inspiration mood tracker by planwith_ryan on insta

Baby piglet and pooh habit + mood tracker inspiration by planwith_ryan.

smoothie mood tracker design by study.judy Bullet journal inspiraton

Smoothie design by judy.studies

colorful floral mood tracker design. Bullet journal spread inspiration

Floral bullet journal idea by bujoforstars.

Colorful mood tracker inspiration for your bullet journal. by bujoforstars
Made by ©bujoforstars
mood tracker earth bullet journal spread. Earth hour design
Made by ©bujoforstars
minimalist mood trackers bullet journal idea tree

Great bullet journal beginner idea by wohana_bullet.

digital mood tracker inspiration by bulletjournalnoob

Digital tracker inspiration by Bulletjournalnoob.

leaves mood tracker inspiration bullet journal ideas

Leaf spread great for bujo beginners by sunshine_journal_.

camera poloraid mood tracker inspiration. Bullet journal idea
Design by ©sunshine_journal_
minimalistic lavender bullet journal spread mood tracker

Daily mood tracker idea by ginnyjournals.

Mushroom bullet journal mood tracker inspiration. daily mood tracking

Magical bullet journal idea by Azuma_chan.

minimalistic design mood tracker clouds pastel

Beautiful pastel clouds by jade_journals.

air balloon mood tracker spread bullet journal inspiration
Design by ©Jade_journals
Crystal mood tracker + habit tracker. Bullet journal ideas inspiration by awng.bujo

Crystal mood tracker journal + habit tracker made by awng.bujo.

tropical leaves mood tracker bullet journal
Design by ©awng.bujo

What moods to include?

You can start with the basics – Happy, sad, angry, and anxious, but it’s your tracker, so include anything you want. A few examples of what you can track:

Mood tracker ideas to track: Moods and feelings to keep track off. different names for the same kind of feeling can help you pinpoint what you are feeling

I hope these spreads will give you all the inspiration you need to make your own tracker, but just in case, I made one for you! As a VIP member, you can download this mood tracker printable pdf for free. If you are not a member yet, you can sign-up below.



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What moods do you track? Let me know in the comments!


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