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My bullet journal supplies

The best bullet journal supplies I currently use includes pearlescent watercolor paint in beautiful metalic colors like gold and silver and tombow dual brush pens. Start planning more and make beautiful art with these bullet journal supplies + $200 dollar amazon giveaway. #bujo #bulletjournal #gift #amazon #planning #watercolor #art #paint #drawing

Hello December water color badge, the end of the year is here and I will be sharing my bullet journal supplies with you! Amazon giveaway included #december

December has arrived. How do you feel about the end of the year? Are you making any new years resolutions? I’m determined to improve in all areas of my life! I also want to use my planner more so today I will be sharing my bullet journal supplies that I currently use.

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Bullet journal supplies

Finetec Artist Mica Warercolor Pearlescent Paint 12-Color Set (F1200) Bullet journal supplies watercolor | Beautiful metalic watercolor paint with gold.

Finetec Artist Mica Watercolor Pearlescent Paint 12-Color Set (F1200)

This beautiful palette contains rich pigmented colors with a metallic sheen. It’s easy to use with a water brush or a regular brush, and the pods can be taken out and replaced.

Finetec Artist Mica Warercolor Pearlescent Paint 6-Color Set (F0600) Beautiful watercolor paint bullet journal supplies. beautiful metallic gold colors and silver.

Finetec Artist Mica Watercolor Pearlescent Paint 6-Color Set (F0600)

This palette contains gold and silver colors, and it’s been on my wishlist for months before I finally decided to buy it, and I tell you, it does not disappoint! The colors are so shiny and pigmented, and it’s so easy to create beautiful, magical things with this palette.

bullet journal supplies scribbles that matter dotted notebook pink | bullet journaling bujo #bujo

Scribbles that matter dotted notebook

I used a Moleskine notebook for quite some time, but I decided to switch to a Scribbles that matter notebook cause my bullet journal is full of colorful drawings and the scribbles that matter notebook has thicker paper. Moleskine is great, but if you want less see through the Scribbles that matter is a better choice.

tombow dual brush pens bullet journal supplies | Beautiful color brush pens for coloring and bullet journaling

Tombow Dual Brush Primary / Tombow Dual Brush Pastel

My all-time favorite Tombow Dual Brush pens! These pens have a brush tip and a fine tip, and they make coloring so easy. The colors have great pigments and can be easily blended. If you are planning on using a bullet journal than this is the best investment you will ever make!

Stabilo boss highlighters markers for studying or bullet journal. Bullet journal supplies you must have

Stabilo highlighters pastel

Who doesn’t need markers? Well, I never liked the original fluorescent ones, so when Stabilo came with these pastel ones my heart made a little jump! The colors are so pretty, and they make the highlighted text very easy to read. Now I don’t only use it for studying but also in my bullet journal cause these colors are just so beautiful!

Watercolor paint bullet journal supplies Koi and winstor | Make beautiful watercolor art with these amazing color palettes.

Watercolor Koi palette / Watercolor Winstor Palette

I recently bought these two palettes. I’ve used the Winstor one in art therapy before, and it’s a great palette, you can easily mix the colors to make any color you like, and the paint won’t run out! The Koi was new for me, but so far I’m impressed. The colors are beautiful, and you can bring the palette everywhere you go, it comes with a water brush and an area to mix the colors. Both palettes are great to use for your bullet journal, just don’t use as much water as you would normally do on special paper.

Other bullet journal supplies I use

  • Tombow 56191 Advanced Lettering Set. I bought this set to practice hand lettering. The set comes with several brush pens, lettering pens, an eraser, a pencil, and the best thing, it contains a blender! The blender makes blending the letters very easy and all Tombow pens are self-cleaning so you don’t have to worry about mixing the colors!
  • iPad Pro. I use the iPad pro for graphic design and bullet journaling. If you like a bullet journal with lots of drawings but you don’t have much time than this option is perfect for you. Download the app Goodnotes and you can easily make drawings, multiple them, change the color and size without having to redraw every single element, you can make beautiful bullet journal spreads in half the time!
  • Tombow 62038 Fudenosuke Brush Pen. a must-have for anyone. You can use this pen for calligraphy and drawings without being afraid of stains.

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What are your favorite bullet journal supplies?




  • Laura Darden

    Some of my favorite journaling supplies include ink pens from all over the USA

    • Kim

      That’s wonderful!

  • Alejandra

    This is a good article to read to get some good ideas to get as a Christmas present for the Bujo addict in my family.
    I’m sure she will love them all!

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