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Plan with me – ocean themed bullet journal ideas

august bullet journal theme underwater ocean

I was brainstorming about some summer bullet journal ideas and then I thought an ocean-themed bullet journal spread would be perfect

I haven’t written a lot in the last couple of weeks cause I needed some time for myself and I wanted to enjoy the summer. I’ve realized that I haven’t been healthy lately and it has taken a toll on my mental health, so from this month I’ve started bullet journaling again, and of course, I love to share it with you!

Bullet journaling is perfect for me cause I can track everything that’s important to me, something that’s harder in a regular planner. I also like to be creative, and I can combine bullet journaling with my creative side!

Come plan with me!

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Hello August – Ocean themed bullet journal

Hello august - bullet journal theme underwater sea creatures. Ocean-themed bullet journal ideas. Plan with me and be organized so you can start working on a healthy you. Improve your mental health selfgrowth. #bulletjournal #planner #bujo #bujolove #bulletjournalcommunity

This is the opening page for my august bullet journal. I decided to go with colored bubbles, which goes perfectly with the ocean theme.

Bullet journal mood tracker ocean-themed

Mood tracker august underwater sea creature theme - shell, crab, seahorse, rog, star, jellyfish drawings - plan with me bullet journal community. Be more organized and track your mood this month! improve your mental health and well being.

For the mood tracker, I went with different kinds of ocean life.

August bullet journal mood tracker seacreatures underwater theme | plan with me bullet journal community - live a healthier balanced and organized life - drawing - jellyfish, starfish, seahorse, shell drawings #bujo #bujolove #planner #bulletjournal

Bullet journal mood tracker ocean theme. August theme planner. Bujo inspiration. bullet journal community. Plan with me. Sea creatures ocean. Shell, seahorse, seastar, fish, octopus, crab and other cute drawings. Artsy brush style. blue #bulletjournal #bujo #ocean #planner #draw #drawing #cute

And this is what my august mood tracker looks like colored. I really enjoyed making this ocean-themed mood tracker, the little creatures came out so cute!

Bullet journal August week 1

bullet journal august week 1 spread | bullet journaling plan and organize your life | plan with me bullet journal community - seacreature underwater theme jellyfish squid drawing | tombow #bujo #bulletjournal #planner #planning #drawing

August week 1 bullet journal close up squid drawing | plan with me bullet journal community | bullet journaling to a healthier organized happy life | healthy lifestyle #bujo #bulletjournal #planner #planning

This is my august weekly spread. The little octopus in the middle and the bubbles go perfectly with the theme!

Made with Tombow dual brush pens

I decided to leave it with this for August due to medical complications.

Do you bullet journal? Let me know in the comments and send me a link so I can check yours out. I’m always looking for bullet journal ideas!

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Plan with me august bullet journal theme. Ocean-themed bullet journal. summer bullet journal ideas. Sea creatures doodles




  • Sarah

    I love the theme you went with! You are seriously making me want to get back into bullet journaling, which I have been telling myself I will do for the last few months but never have yet. Loving that weekly spread, it’s so colorful and unique.

    • Kim

      Aww thank you for your kind comment! You should definitely try to pick it up again, it can be so useful for all areas in your life! but I also know how things go, sometimes you get busy, you just forget or grow bored with it, I’ve started and quit again a few times over, trying to make it a habit now! x

  • Cimarron Ranch

    Really like that cute artwork in your journal!

    • Kim

      Thank you for your kind comment! x

  • Wendy Lemeric

    Yay! A fellow bullet journalist. I only do minimalist designs since I can’t find time to make it look artsy. I did, before but it was too time-consuming. I love to look at colorful, artsy ones though.

    • Kim

      Yes I’m somewhat the same. I’m trying to see my bullet journal as part of my therapy so that ‘I’m allowed and I have to’ spend some time on it. I will be posting a few digital ones soon though flower themed 😉

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