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Free printable grocery list

Download this free printable grocery list at miss mental to make your grocery shopping a lot easier. This list is categorized in separate boxes so it's easy for you to see what you need and in what aisle you can get it! Made with beautiful teal color. Homemaking made easy! Family life | walmart | grocery shopping | Parenting | adulting | #freebie #printable #planner #groceries #shopping

I love making freebies! So today I have a grocery list to make your shopping experience easy and organized.

Download Grocery list

You can also use this list online with an app like goodnotes.

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  • Rikki Ridgeway

    I just use an app on my phone, since I’m trying to be more eco-friendly. But I have to admit that this is adorable, and I love that it is categorized.

    • Kim

      You can use the list on goodnotes too 😉

  • Petie

    Kim, This does not print as picture. The only title is Vegetables & Fruits.

    • Kim


      You should be able to print it by clicking on the download button, it takes you to the PDF page and you can print it from there, let me know if this works!


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