I know these times are very stressful. Maybe you experience more anxiety, or your muscles feel more tense than usual, or maybe you don’t even notice you’re stressed, but you feel something isn’t right.

All I can advice is: Try to stick to a routine, eat healthy, keep moving and try to accept the situation. In the meantime take good care of yourself, you can do this by small things like dressing up, telling yourself positive things and trying to live in the moment.

I made you a 30 day self-care challenge to help you out with this. The challenges can be done at home and won’t take much time. With this free printable self-care challenge it becomes easy to implement some self-care in your day without having to think about it much.

If you have some extra time try out these journal prompts for self-discovery.

30 day self-care challenge

Download the free printable self-care challenge here