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Beginners guide to essential oils

beginners guide to essential oils

I’ve been using essential oils for a few years now. I have a diffuser in my living room where I put four drops in with a little water, and it makes my home smell so energizing and calming. I also use essential oils in my bath, on my heating pad and to help ease migraines and other discomforts.

The things you can do with essential oils are endless. You can use it for sickness, discomforts, pain, anxiety and so much more. I’m going to introduce you to the world of essential oils and give you some tips and tricks on how to use essential oils and the benefits of them.

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What are essential oils?

Essential oils are naturally occurring, volatile aromatic compounds and are found in the seeds, bark, stems, flowers roots, and other parts of plants. They give many benefits to the plants, and therefore we started harvesting them to use in beauty products, medicine, fragrance products and many other things.

The benefits of essential oils


Lavender is my favorite oil cause it’s very calming and it helps ease anxiety. I use lavender oil in my bath, and after I’m done I’m always so relaxed and sleepy, it’s great to take a lavender bath before bed and see how fast you fall asleep!

I also use lavender oil on my heating pads, I warm them up and put one drop of lavender on the pad, and this wonderful calming fragrance comes free that immediately relaxes me. Lavender can also be used to make your whole room calming and zen by putting four drops with some water in a diffuser.

You can even drink a cup of calming lavender tea!


Chamomile has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It’s good for the skin, lowers stress and helps you sleep better. It’s also useful to soothe menstrual cramps and calms the stomach.

I first learned about chamomile when I was in the hospital with severe mouth ulcers, because of my poor physical health and the stressful times I was going through, the ulcers became uncontrollable. The doctor recommended drinking a lot of chamomile tea to increase my immune system and calm my body down, and it worked! Since that day every time I have mouth ulcers I drink lots of chamomile tea, and they disappear quite fast! If you suffer from mouth ulcers like me; drinking pure blueberry juice helps a lot as well!

More tips for sleeping better.


Eucalyptus is a great oil that can be used to ease breathing when you are sick, but it also makes a great natural deodorant. I use eucalyptus in my bath when I’m ill to clear my airways. I have asthma since I was a baby and my parents used eucalyptus to help me breathe better, they put a drop of eucalyptus oil in warm water, and the steam helped me breathe easier, I also like to put a drop of eucalyptus oil in a bit of body lotion and use it on sore muscles, that together with heating pads help me a lot with the muscle pain from my fibromyalgia.


Rosemary improves your memory; it’s a great oil to use during work or study. Rosemary also gives energy, some people like to use it between their toes, cause of the nerves endings there, but I love to use it in my morning bath, it’s a better way to wake up than coffee!

Rosemary was my mom’s favorite scent. I remember she always used it in her bubble bath. Scents are great ways to remember loved ones because it’s something that you can relive over and over, while memories fade.

Essential oils recipes

Cooling off spray

Take a plant spray and fill it with water. Add a few drops of Eucalyptus Oil and some peppermint oil for a refreshing effect. Immediately after spraying the body temperature will start to drop., this is great for use during warm weather or when you are experiencing hot flashes.

Natural cleaner

Mix 50 ml vinegar with 400 ml cooked (cooled) water and add 15 drops of lavender oil and juice from half a lemon.

Fabric softener

Mix 300 gram Epsom salt with 30 drops of eucalyptus to make your own fabric softener, keep it in a closed box, so the scent doesn’t disappear. Eucalyptus is great to wash your bedding sheets cause it works against dust mites. You can change the eucalyptus for another oil of your choice.

My wishlist

I keep a wishlist in my bullet journal with things I love to try or have tried in the past and want to buy again. There are quite some products with essential oils on that list.

  • Scent pods: It’s a little pod with essential oils, and you can take it with you when you go out. Whenever you need it, you can take it out of your bag and smell the scent for new energy, for relaxation or whatever you need at that moment! I have the eucalyptus and lavender pod on my wishlist, but you can get them in many scents!
  • This works dream big gift set: I do have the deep sleep pillow spray already. My boyfriend and I use it on our pillow before we go to sleep, and it works like a charm! This set contains an oil, a mask, a candle, the pillow spray and so much more, as soon as I run out, I’m going to buy this set!
  • Fresh Umbrian clay purifying mask: It contains lavender and chamomile. A friend of mine recommended it a while ago for my skin, and after reading some reviews, I can’t wait to try it!

Essential oils warning

Make sure you never get essential oils in your eyes, cause it will burn. Always wash your hands if you come in contact with essential oils. Be careful with essential oils while you are pregnant.

using a little essential oil in your bath or in a diffuser can’t hurt, but when you are using it in your food or in larger quantities, always talk to your doctor first.


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  • Jackie

    Whenever I get a massage, I always have them add lavender oil to the diffuser for some aromatherapy. It’s so calming! I also never knew that rosemary could be used as an oil!

    • Kim

      Rosamary has great properties! but lavender is just soo relaxing x

  • Nisha

    I like the rosemary. this was very educational and thank you for sharing the benefits 🙂

  • I love using lavender and peppermint scents for anxiety relief. When I do my bedtime yoga routine, I incorporate lavender infused lotion (not essential oils). During the day, I’ll use a peppermint flavored chapstick and chew on peppermint gum if I am feeling anxious and those help out a lot. Thanks for sharing your tips 🙂

    • Kim

      I do that aswell! I thought it was just me xD peppermint gum makes me feel in control somehow

  • Garf

    I love essential oils. I use them during the long, cold winter season.

  • TravelTips

    I like the sandlewood one. I use them always and everywhere.

  • Sharon Koenig

    I’ve been taking an interest in essential oils only just recently, and this answered a lot of my questions! Thank you! That Umbrian clay mask sounds right up my alley!

  • Takara Ayana

    I have been using essential oils for a while now and I love them! I use Rosemary and coconut oils the most. I need to try more lavender and chamomile.

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