House cleaning schedule and tips

Keeping your house clean can be challenging, especially if you aren’t feeling well. I’ve had periods that I didn’t want to leave my bed for months, let alone clean my house. I’m going to give you some advice to keep your house clean, even during bad times.

Tips to make house cleaning easier

Tip 1: Just start. Tell yourself you are just going to clean for 5 minutes. Before you know it you cleaned the kitchen and the living room.

Tip 2: Reward yourself. Write down daily, weekly or monthly rewards. Think of things you want or make you happy. Maybe it’s a candy bar, that lipstick you wanted for ages or reading a book for 30 minutes. Make sure you keep yourself honest.

Tip 3: Use the right tools. Invest some money in buying the right tools. Vacuuming is less annoying if you have a great vacuum cleaner that works well and doesn’t hurt your back during vacuuming.

Tip 4: Make it a Habit. Our minds love routine. The more you do something consistently, the easier it gets. Before you know it, it’s a part of your daily routine, and you start cleaning without thinking about it twice.

Tip 5: Go easy on yourself. It doesn’t help to get angry or disappointed if you don’t clean for a day. Sometimes you need to be a little compassionate with yourself. Make sure you pick up where you left off the other day.

Tip 6: Cleaning schedule. Writing it down can help you feel less overwhelmed. Decide for yourself how many times you want certain rooms cleaned. Then split them up in days, weeks, months, half-year and year. Using a cleaning schedule can help you to keep your house clean and organized.

Free cleaning schedule

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To help you develop a cleaning habit, I made these free cleaning schedules you can print and fill in. Here you can download a Cleaning schedule that lets you schedule your cleaning for the entire year. I also made a weekly cleaning schedule that you can use to schedule your house cleaning for the week. If you need inspiration, you can check my Filled in cleaning schedule. The cleaning schedules go perfectly with my free printable planners.


House cleaning tips to make your life a little easier

  • Cut onion into four pieces and add it to hot water to clean your windows without stripes.
  • Fill a plastic bag with lukewarm water and some vinegar and tie the bag around the shower head to get rid of limescale. Let the shower head stay in the water for 30 min and then wipe it dry.
  • Let the washing machine run at max temperature with some vinegar (without laundry). Do this once every six months to get rid of limescale and leftover fabric softener.
  • Use a hairdryer to defrost your freezer fast. Make sure you unplug the freezer first.
  • Put a dishwasher tablet in the toilet, leave it overnight and the next day the limescale is gone.

Hope these cleaning tips come in handy for your house cleaning. I’m looking forward to hearing what you are going to do with the cleaning schedules!

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