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12 thought-provoking journal prompts to start healing your life

12 thought-provoking journal prompts to start healing your life

Are you feeling like something isn’t quite right in your life? Are you unsure what’s next? Big chance there are things in your life that need healing, and that’s okay. We all have things to heal, and we all benefit from personal growth.

These thought-provoking journal prompts to start healing your life are a great way to get you started. They are perfect together with therapy, or you can use them if you aren’t ready for therapy yet, or if you don’t have the resources to go to therapy. However, therapy is a great tool for healing, and clinicians have a short line to emergency help providers. If you ever feel like you need more help in your journey, please reach out to a professional or to a helpline like 911 or 1-800-273-8255 (USA).

Healing your life is important because:

  • You will feel lighter and safer.
  • You will experience more stability.
  • You will have more faith in the future
  • You will be able to handle setbacks better.
  • You will live instead of surviving.
  • You will see opportunities you wouldn’t have seen before.

This doesn’t mean these things aren’t possible if you haven’t fully healed yet, but it will be easier, and you will benefit so much from your growth.

Remember that you aren’t broken, you are not something that needs to be fixed. You are working on growing and being the best version of you, so you can live the life you want and deserve.

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Journal prompts to start healing

Choose one experience you want to work with, and answer these questions. It’s best to write it down so you can read it back later.

1. What experience hasn’t been ‘closed’? How do you feel about that? And how do you want to feel about this experience?

2. How have you handled (coped with) difficult experiences in the past?

3. What have been things (experiences, people, etc) that helped you deal with difficult situations?

4. How has this experience shaped you?

5. What did you believe about yourself back then? Is there a different way to look at the situation?

6. Do you think this experience has brought you something positive? if so, how?

7. What would you like to tell your past self?

8. What would you like to tell other people that were involved back then?

9. How do you want to feel about yourself?

10. What would you say to someone in the same situation?

11. What do you need now? How can you give this to yourself?

12. What will you do to continue healing?

These journal prompts are a good start to figuring out what wounds need to heal, and what you need to continue healing. It’s important to believe in yourself and know that you are worthy of healing, and if you need extra help know that asking for help shows strength, you don’t have to do it alone.

Positive quote: Asking for help shows strength. Beause you never have to do anything alone in your life. Learning to ask for help isn't easy, but know that you are not a burden and people want to help you.

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Free printable healing guide

There is a free printable healing guide with the journal prompts in the VIP library. The workbook gives more information and shows examples of how you can answer the questions.


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Remember that personal growth is a lifelong journey. Sometimes you take a step forward and then you take a step back again. Don’t feel discouraged, keep going, and ask for help if you need to. Let me know how it’s going in the comments!

With lots of love and healing wishes!




  • Sara

    THANK YOU so much for these! I’ve only just begun getting into all you have shared, but I haven’t been in a good place for a little bit right now and I feel like I’m drowning. So, I saw this pop-up in my Google search and it hits home. Thank you thank you thank you

    • Kim

      Hey Sara,
      I’m sorry to hear you’re not in a good place, I’ve been there many times myself so I know how hard it is.
      I hope you are able to find little good things in every day and remind yourself that the bad times pass
      little steps every day make a big impact in the long run! take care x

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