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Several people have emailed me about a typo in one of the images, Yes I am aware of this. I saw the typo before I uploaded it on social media and it sparked a discussion. I personally decided to leave it in cause it makes the message more powerful ‘You don’t have to be perfect, making mistakes is okay’. I know some people can be very annoyed by the typo, I had people ask me to please remove it or they can’t share it, but if I remove it I would do it only because of peer pressure, and that’s not who I am. The image is perfect as it is, it’s one mistake, I’m sure I will make many more in the future and that’s okay. I try to raise awareness and spread positivity, not having to be perfect is a part of that and I fully embrace it!

Don't apologize for feeling something EVER!?❤️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Your feelings are allowed to be here, YOU ARE ALLOWED TO BE HERE.?? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Don't dim your light cause other's don't want you to shine, Cry if you need to cry. Your feelings are a part of you and you never have to apologize for them. ? #positivevibes #quote #motivation

Things to remember when you are having a bad time 'You don't have to be perfect''having a bad day is ok' "small steps are also progress' 'Asking for help is strenght' and 'people love and appreciate you' positive quotes and affirmations to improve your mental health | self development | watercolor | turquoise | graphic design |

This image can be bought as a high quality poster/card without the spelling error here

Things to remember in tough times | Mental health and wellness | Tomorrow is a new day, making mistakes is a part of life, saying no is okay, not everyone has to like you, beauty & strength come from within Quotes and positivity | Improve your mind #mentalhealth #positive #quotes

Things to remember that help you live a better more positive life | personal development, improve your mental health and wellness | You are allowed to change you plans | You don't have to be happy all the time | Showing emotions is allowed and okay | Authenticity is better than perfection | You are amazing just the way you are #mentalhealth #positivity #personalgrowth #loveyourself @miss_mental

Things to remember pastel pink: Kindness is free, Everyone's journey is different, Gossiping is toxic, Nothing ever stays the same, Alone time is good for the soul. Life advice for mental health and wellness. Personal development graphic design by miss mental #illustration #mentalhealth

It's ok to mourn a childhood you never had | You need to mourn in order to heal and that's perfectly okay. Our parents are supposed to keep us safe and teach us healthy coping methods and how to deal with our feelings. They are supposed to love us and let us make mistakes, they should motivate us to set boundaries and encourage us to explore the world, and if you never got to experience all this it hurts, it causes issues in adult life. Learn acceptance and improve your mental health and wellness #mentalhealth #wellness #childhood #family #mourning #healing #therapy

you are beautiful loved worthy strong resourceful and so much more | Positivity and quotes for your mental health and wellness | personal development and self love neon text graphic design image #beautiful #strength #mentalhealth #self-esteem

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You can be a kind human being and say no, get mad, have an opinion, disagree, choose you, end a friendship, change your mind. Positivity | positive affirmation | quote | psychology | life lesson | illustration | drawing
Depression can look like more than being ill, People that look happy can feel depressed took. Mental health illustration, stigma awareness. Mental health awareness. Pink images with tropical leaves. Positive quotes. #depression #mentalhealth
Tissues for your issues quote with cute illustration cat | It's ok to cry it's healthy and improves your mental health. Positivity | positive vibes #cat #illustration #quote
Things to tell your inner child | Positive vibes for challenging days improve your mental health and know everything will be okay. Quotes and motivation, positive thoughts | Love | pastel, pink purple. yellow. Self development #quote #mentalhealth #color #positivity
Your feelings matter quote with yellow and pink colors. Improve your mental health and boost your self-esteem by using this affirmation 'My feelings matter, I'm allowed to be here'. Realizing your feelings matter is a great step in personal development and self-growth #mentalhealth #quote #pink #color #yellow #feelings #emotions #graphicdesign #illustration
Reasons why I can't sleep graphic image pink pastel colors - Insomnia | Positive vibes quote fun image | Mental health and wellness blog #quote #positivevibes #mentalhealth
You deserve love and healing. Knowing that is a first step to healing from mental illness and trauma. Boost your selfesteem with affirmations and let go of negative thoughts. #pink #mentalhealth #quote #positivity #love
It's okay if you don't know what you want in life. there is plenty of time to figure it out. Don't let anyone rush you. you are the boss of your life motivational quote. illustration | artwork | flowers | Yellow pastel | mental health | positive vibes | encouragement | Good vibes #positivity

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