I took a much-needed break from work and spent that time working on a self-care plan. Healthy food, daily walks, cutting toxic people from my life and doing daily things for myself that I enjoy. I’ve read some books, spend time doing fun things with friends and bought myself little gifts!

Self-care is essential for everyone – It’s a way for you to say to yourself ‘I’m worthy.’ There are a lot of ways to get your daily dose of self-care in; sports, foods, journaling, reading, bathing, etc., but what’s more fun than buying yourself a gift from time to time? I like to reward myself at the end of the month with a little something if I reached my goals, it’s a way to motivate myself and at the same time working on my self-care! I’m going to inspire you by sharing the gifts I bought for myself or are currently on my wishlist, and I will keep this list updated!

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Books for self-growth

Motivational gifts

Feel good by dressing up

Beauty gifts


Make your bathing time special

Read my 18 self-care ideas for the weekend if you are looking for fun self-care ideas to do. Give yourself a break and be extra nice for yourself today. You only have one body, take care of it!
the ultimate selfcare gift guide | self-care inspiration for your body and mind.