Depression can look like more than being ill, People that look happy can feel depressed took. Mental health illustration, stigma awareness. Mental health awareness. Pink images with tropical leaves. Positive quotes. #depression #mentalhealth
It's okay if you don't know what you want in life. there is plenty of time to figure it out. Don't let anyone rush you. you are the boss of your life motivational quote. illustration | artwork | flowers | Yellow pastel | mental health | positive vibes | encouragement | Good vibes #positivity
You can be a kind human being and say no, get mad, have an opinion, disagree, choose you, end a friendship, change your mind. Positivity | positive affirmation | quote | psychology | life lesson | illustration | drawing
Potion of positivity image by miss mental | peach pastel | Drawing | illustration | cute | mental health awareness #positivity #positivevibes
Everything grows at it's own pace quote illustration made by miss mental. Mentalhealth and personal development blog full of positive vibes. Flowers, bee's, sun, clouds, warm summer day. summer illustration, flower illustration, positive vibes #illustration #quote #positivity
Selfcare checklist in bright pink with white shine to make your day a happy day | positive inspiration | visit miss mental for personal development and advise about mental health, anxiety, depression and more. Self care checklist is a great tool to combat stress and remind yourself that you are worth it #selfcare #mentahealth #pink #checklist
How to beat your inner critic | visit miss mental for tips on anxiety depression and more mental health issues and learn personal development from a psychology student and expert by experience. #mentalhealth #pink #illustration #personaldevelopment
Depression is not being lazy or selfish, cured by living healthy, an imaginary illness, the same as sadness, a sign of weakness | Beat stigma on mental illness. Visit miss mental for depression and anxiety tips and learn how to be mentally stronger. #mentalhealth #illustration #depression
Important boundaries to set for your well being and mental health: 'Don't touch me without consent', I'm allowed to say no or withdraw my yes, I don't have to answer personal questions, I'm not responsible for others, I can walk away from toxic people, I don't have to agree with others. #mental health #illustration
Things to remember pastel pink: Kindness is free, Everyone's journey is different, Gossiping is toxic, Nothing ever stays the same, Alone time is good for the soul. Life advice for mental health and wellness. Personal development graphic design by miss mental #illustration #mentalhealth