70 journal prompts for self-discovery that will make you feel confident

70 journal prompts for self-discovery. Feel more confident in your life by journaling. Self-development is very important for your personal growth and mental health and journaling prompts can help you with that. These questions let you think about your life and how you can improve it. What's working for you? and what isn't? Answer these life questions and work on a better you.

Sometimes we let life take the best of us, and we start to doubt ourselves. I used to feel so insecure at times when life overwhelmed me, but then I found journaling. Journaling feels like a kind of self-discovery therapy to me; it helps me get to know myself and my needs. Using my journal […]

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10 Affirmations for anxiety with free phone wallpapers

10 affirmations for anxiety with free phone wallpapers | Focus on your mental health and improve your mind with affirmations. These sentences can help you focus your mind and be stronger. Practise daily for the best results in improving your mindset and live a happier life. #mentalhealth #positivity #affirmation #anxiety #stress #selfhelp

Affirmations are powerful sentences that can help you believe what you want to believe about yourself, your life and the world. Affirmations can help during stressful times and during a panic attack. The key to success is practice; Choose a few affirmations that can help you and repeat them daily. Repeating affirmations, affect the subconscious […]

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20 Starbucks copycat recipes you can make at home

The 20 best starbucks copycat recipes that are just as good as the starbucks menu | 10 drinks and Starbucks recipes you can make from home with your family. Enjoy a day in the kitchen with your children and bake these amazing recipes while enjoying a copycat starbucks drink. #recipes #giveaway #starbucks #baking #coffee #tea

We are getting close to Christmas and the holiday season can get very stressful. So today I have a Starbucks giveaway for you and I collected this roundup of delicious Starbucks copycat recipes that don’t do under for Starbucks menu. Make these recipes in the comfort of your home and enjoy some much-needed self-care! Copycat Starbucks drinks […]

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