The past weeks I’ve been reading ‘365 Days of Happiness’ by Jacqueline Pirtle. When I received the book, I immediately started reading it. Her book is straightforward, and even if your not a huge book fan you can read one page a day.

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I’m usually not a big fan of books about happiness because I feel happiness is not a choice, but rather a state of mind that’s influenced by your situation, mindset, hormones, and other things. I often felt guilt and sadness after reading self-help books about happiness. I always choose happiness, but some days happiness doesn’t choose me, and that’s okay cause I can still find joy in little things. In the past couple of years, I’ve learned that I’m okay with my depression, not despite it.

We live in a society that makes us feel we should be happy all the time, and if we are not, something is wrong with us. The reality is we can’t be happy all the time and neither should we want to, cause if we don’t know what it’s like to feel sad, would we truly appreciate happiness?

365 days of happiness book review by miss mental. 365 days of happiness written by jacqueine pirtle and gives you practical questions you can use to be more happy in your life and improve your mental health and wellbeing. This book is motivating, exciting and written with love #happiness #book

What I love about this book however is that I felt nowhere pressured to be happy or being a failure for my lack of happiness at times. ‘365 days of happiness’ gives you practical questions and ideas so you can work on finding happiness in any day.

I’ve been dealing with depression for as long as I can remember due to hormone imbalances, so happiness isn’t something that comes to me naturally – however I’m someone that can find happiness in little things, and I also feel that’s what Jacqueline Pirtle tries to bring across with her book.

Even during bad times, you can still find happiness in your days – even if it’s just drinking a cup of tea or giving your cat a cuddle, and you know what THAT IS HAPPINESS as Jacqueline beautifully states it herself.
While reading the book, I could feel Jacqueline wrote her book with love, dedication, and spirit. Jacqueline’s spreads a powerful message with her book that teaches you how to mindfully bring happiness in your days even when life is challenging. If you want to learn more about mindful living and being more positive and happy than this is the perfect read for you! You can buy her book here.

* I received this book as a gift, opinions are my own.*

‘365 days of happiness is on my nightstand, and every morning when I wake up I read a page and I try to implement it in my day. So far the book has helped me be more mindful and focus more on myself and the things I can control.

I explained how I see happiness, and now I wonder – What do you think happiness is, and how do you practice it?